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Praise from Students, Clients, Customers and Patrons

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Myat said,
Thank you very much for taking the time to review my work and providing feedback. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from your expertise.

John said,
I truly enjoyed your class. I felt like I learned a lot. You made me think of drawing in a different way. I have a long way to go, but you have given me some good direction.


Veronica said,
I just wanted to quickly thank you for the opportunity to learn and appreciate art this semester, very enjoyable.

Anonymous said,
I think you did an amazing job, especially for online classes.

Justin H said,
Thank you so much, I am truly enjoying your class, have learned quite a lot!


Jessica R said,
Your course has been enjoyable and a form for me to express myself.

Anonymous said,
You were an amazing professor and I really appreciate the effort you put into teaching your students.

Anonymous said,
I would say that this class was such an amazing experience; [has] changed my life. It was such an honor. You’re a great art professor because you taught and treat us very well.

Anonymous said,
This class was nice. For people who love art and are passionate about it I would recommend this class.

Anonymous said,
Good job on taking the time to do the videos and give examples, also replying back so quickly when reached, that's amazing. I wish all my other Professors did the same.

Older Comments

Christina M. said,
I really enjoyed the class. Thank you!

Debora R. said,
For those 15 weeks of the online class, thank you for putting me closer to art in all its forms. All the knowledge acquired was of great importance in my life. Thank you for being an organized professor and for giving value to your online students. Take care.

Sydnee S. said,
Thank you so much on your input, and getting back to me. You are a great art teacher.