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The [Virtual]
Munsell Spheres Project

What is the The [Virtual] Munsell Spheres Project?

TVMSP is a digitized collection of information and tools pertaining to the Munsell Color System. It is a free resource to anyone who wishes to use it from artists, teachers, soil scientists and anyone intrigued about color the-way-we-see-it.

The project was first announced on Cal's Blog circa Summer 2017 and has since grown in scope from a static reference resource to a full fledged virtual environment (under development). To better manage Munsell data, our coding friends at created several smaller software tools to tabulate and digitize color data. Specific project update notifications can delivered to you by subscribing via RSS feed.

Please consider supporting this open-source project. You can donate at our developer's website or use the button below:

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Project Teaser

Searchable and sortable tabulated Munsell notation information with color preview including hexidecimal, RGB, HSL and CMYK equivalents. 4K UHD 24-bit render of the Munsell color sphere reference as available. Nearest color-finder/calculator is also planned (far future). Click here.

R-Cran-Munsell Integration: ComplementsDone

The following 4K complementary color references are based directly upon the list of named Munsell colors from the official source. Helpful to immediately identify colors opposite the color space.

Munsell complementary color chart example.

Munsell Virtual EnvironmentConcept

The total sphere collection presented within a virtual 3D space. Supported platforms will include Windows, Linux and OpenGL supported browsers. Android and iOS support are tentative. Please support this stretch goal with your financial support. Click here.

SD example of the virtual models, 2.5YR 3/6.

Terms, Rights and License

When completed source code will be released on GitLab under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. Images (except for the copyright identity brand marks of and the TVMSP logo) are copyleft under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. Learn more here about the CC BY-SA 4.0 here.

Why make this?

There are many resources available including, Oriane Lima's Munsell Color Studies and Art, Andrew Werth's Virtual Munsell Color Wheel, Classical Lab's Munsell DG, Iro Shirabe's Color Analyzer and KSGc's Munsell Color Chart...all great tools with tremendous value whose authors should be praised for their expertise and generosity.

The best way to study Munsell color is to actually make a string of color spheres or even a mobile but that can be expensive. Virtualizing the color spheres is economical and a great tool for instructors to distribute among students. Further, the Munsell color tools presented here at GFA are simple to understand in the most accessible way possible with mobile-friendly design. They are instruments for learning targeting the professional artist, the amateur, students and interested laypeople.