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The [Virtual] Munsell Project Changelog Updates

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We'll continue to post changes here by date to keep things tidy. If you want to jump back to the main project page it is located here.

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01-25-2023: New Year, more colors added: 7.5YR6 - 10YR3. Spheres pending.

08-22-2022: Created additional .ods template from 7.5YR2+ because of performance sheet limitations. 7.5YR2 - 4 added. Spheres pending.

08-17-2022: 7.5YR1 added. Spheres pending.

08-12-2022: 2.5YR1 - 4 added. Spheres pending.

08-01-2022: 10YR3 - 12 added. Spheres pending.

07-29-2022: "Buy me a coffee" option now available as donation method. Added water cooler hardware for render ops on PC! Re-tooled concatenated code template generator column AR (faster and cleaner html output); corrections to RGB comma spacing for readability. 10YR1, 10YR2 tables updated; sphere renders pending.

10-04-2021: Tables updated to included work described immediately below (July 2nd, 2021); sphere renders pending.

07-02-2021: A lot of work behind the scenes including further automation and accuracy clean-up; 40% completion from 7.5PB up to 2.5YR (yay!). This estimate is basic as it only takes into consideration the "branches" of the color model not actual colors (1,092 colors have been generated). The datasheet contains 1447 rows distributed across two sheets, the former with 42 columns with the latter having 17 rows. This means sheet one has 60,774 individual cells while sheet two has 24,599 individual cells. The datasheet at this time on disk equals 600 KB however, when in use the RAM requirement skyrockets to 210.7 MB. After prolonged use, usage climbs as high as 405.8 MB. For reference this represents no less than 10% of an Intel Xeon W3550 @ 3.07GHz (circa 2009).

04-15-2021: After several years finally located a Basic-language macro that auto converts hex color codes that works with my VBA RGB-to-color script! Now the supplementary color space types (HSL, CYMK, etc and now additionally Decimal and CMY too) are automatically generated. This means more time rendering and less time hand-converting. This also means I am no longer reliant on Microsoft Excel and can wholly use LibreOffice Calc! This product is now using 100% open source technology. Unfortunately it looks like several color blocks will require a third round of color correction, TBD.

02-16-2021: 7.5PB 20/4, 7.5PB 20/3, all 7.5PB 4, all 7.5PB 6, all 7.5PB 8 updated for color accuracy. Minor paragraph cleanup (first-letter) for better readability.

02-12-2021: No the project isn't dead! All 7.5PB1 and 7.5PB2 spheres re-rendered for color accuracy. Added a few niceties on the main page: 1) mouse-over titles on links, 2) made render links more obvious as links, 3) added end-of-page jump link to top for easier mobile navigation, 4) removed extra spacing in Neutrals names, 5) some minor code clean up and 6) restored GitLab project from old dead account to current (yay!).

06/30/2020: All 7.5PB3 spheres re-rendered for color accuracy.

06/29/2020: All 5P2 spheres re-rendered for color accuracy.

06/26/2020: New domain name! All 5P1 spheres re-rendered for color accuracy. Templates updated. File sizes for 4K .png are now approx. 35% smaller with zero human perceptible difference. After many moons, hardware has been purchased decreasing render time by a factor of 10. Updates should be much faster moving forward. VR project much more likely as stretch goal.

10/29/2018: 5P2 added to reference table.

8/3/2018: Sphere renders corrected or created from 10PB8 - 5P1. Minor clean up on previous started.

7/6/2018: Huge table update from 10PB8 - 5P1. Spheres to follow over the next few weeks.

6/29/2018: All spheres re-rendered, corrected chroma.

6/14/2018: Migrated source from Github to Gitlab. Defined all output graphics licenses other than trademarks as CC BY-SA 4.0. Logo planning. Discovered sphere render levels incorrect, suspect all renders 10PB 1/4 and previous. Correcting, WIP.

4/25/2018: R-Cran-Munsell Integration: Complementary Colors completed.

4/20/2018: R-Cran-Munsell Integration: Complementary Colors preview; 2.5B, 2.5BG, 2.5G, 2.5GY.

4/2/2018: 10PB 4 spheres added to online reference with preview colors and partial notations.

3/9/2018: 10PB 2 - 3 spheres added to online reference with preview colors.

3/7/2018: 10PB 1 spheres added to online reference with preview colors.

2/19/2018: 7.5PB 6 - 20 (finished) and 10PB 1 added to online reference.

2/9/2018: New HSL/CMYK workflow, corrections to Neutrals - PB7.5 3 (removed) while additional HSL/CMYK added PB7.5 4 - 6.

2/6/2018: PB 3 and 4 spheres added to online reference.

1/29/2018: Neutrals and PB 1-2 are re-released at 4K resolution as part of the online reference table.

2017: A few initial PB spheres are released: PB1, PB2 and PB3.

2017: Initial Neutral spheres are released.

2017: The [Virtual] Munsell Project is officially announced here.