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The [Virtual] Munsell Project Changelog Updates

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We'll continue to post changes here by date to keep things tidy. If you want to jump back to the main project page it is located here. Please consider supporting this open-source project. You can donate at our developer's website.

06/30/2020: All 7.5PB3 spheres re-rendered for color accuracy.

06/29/2020: All 5P2 spheres re-rendered for color accuracy.

06/26/2020: New domain name! All 5P1 spheres re-rendered for color accuracy. Templates updated. File sizes for 4K .png are now approx. 35% smaller with zero human perceptible difference. After many moons, hardware has been purchased decreasing render time by a factor of 10. Updates should be much faster moving forward. VR project much more likely as stretch goal.

10/29/2018: 5P2 added to reference table.

8/3/2018: Sphere renders corrected or created from 10PB8 - 5P1. Minor clean up on previous started.

7/6/2018: Huge table update from 10PB8 - 5P1. Spheres to follow over the next few weeks.

6/29/2018: All spheres re-rendered, corrected chroma.

6/14/2018: Migrated source from Github to Gitlab. Defined all output graphics licenses other than trademarks as CC BY-SA 4.0. Logo planning. Discovered sphere render levels incorrect, suspect all renders 10PB 1/4 and previous. Correcting, WIP.

4/25/2018: R-Cran-Munsell Integration: Complementary Colors completed.

4/20/2018: R-Cran-Munsell Integration: Complementary Colors preview; 2.5B, 2.5BG, 2.5G, 2.5GY.

4/2/2018: 10PB 4 spheres added to online reference with preview colors and partial notations.

3/9/2018: 10PB 2 - 3 spheres added to online reference with preview colors.

3/7/2018: 10PB 1 spheres added to online reference with preview colors.

2/19/2018: 7.5PB 6 - 20 (finished) and 10PB 1 added to online reference.

2/9/2018: New HSL/CMYK workflow, corrections to Neutrals - PB7.5 3 (removed) while additional HSL/CMYK added PB7.5 4 - 6.

2/6/2018: PB 3 and 4 spheres added to online reference.

1/29/2018: Neutrals and PB 1-2 are re-released at 4K resolution as part of the online reference table.

2017: A few initial PB spheres are released: PB1, PB2 and PB3.

2017: Initial Neutral spheres are released.

2017: The [Virtual] Munsell Project is officially announced here.