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About the Artist


Christopher Adam Lessley was born in the small rural town of Tulare, California in 1981. He has studied fine art, particularly drawing, painting and sculpture at both the University of California and the California State University. Dissatisfied with bellicose, anti-humanist curricula he funded his own art investigative expedition to Rome, Italy in 2005 mid-way through his academic career. He received his Master of Art in 2011 and continued his historical art studies abroad in Paris, France in 2015 and again in Rome, Naples and Venice in 2021.

Artist Statement

A vocal advocate of objective skill-based, traditional art-making methodolgies Mr. Lessley admires and supports meaningful art that preserves and promotes humanism through a strong sense of beauty and grace in what has become known as the contemporary classical-realist movement.


Employed at Bakersfield College as an adjunct professor specializing in Drawing and Art Appreciation education in addition to being the proprietor-director of Grip Fast Artworks. Mr. Lessley is available for commissioning original artworks, consulting and teaching on a 1-on-1 mentorship basis. You can learn more here.

Curriculum Vitae

MA 2011 Painting, California State University, Fresno
BA 2005 Painting, California State University, Fresno
CADD - Applied Technology, Fresno City College

AREA(S) OF SPECIALIZATION: Drawing, Painting & Sculpture

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE (murals, sculpture & public art):

2013 Seaside Retreat, 16' x 6', collection of Fred Haas
2012 Crazy Bernie Mattress Kingdom Trompe-l'oeil
2011 Crazy Bernie 18' x 36' Mural, business signage
2004 Bronze statue at Pete Beiden Field (gating/casting)
2004 Tribute to William Saroyan Sculpture Renovation
2003 26' x 18' mural for Fresno Indoor Soccer


2010 Vitruvius Exposed, Conley Gallery, California State University, Fresno


2016 Faculty Show Bakersfield College
2004 Reveiller Exhibit of Regional Artists at the Quady Winery
2004 Out of Context California State University, Fresno
2003 Reveiller Exhibit of Regional Artists at the Quady Winery
2003 Diversity California State University, Fresno
2003 Art in Motion California State University, Fresno
2002 Reveiller Exhibit of Regional Artists at the Quady Winery
2002 Fluidity California State University, Fresno
2001 College of the Sequoias Annual Student Show


Discourses of Distance among the Maya
Edited by Timothy W. Pugh and Cameron L. McNeil
(illustration; Agency, Alterity, Appropriation: Post-classic Lowland Maya Uses and Modifications of the “Mixteca-Puebla” or “International Style" by Keith Jordan)


Naples, Capri, Rome, Venice - Italy 2021
Paris - France 2015
Rome - Italy 2005


2006 Provost Award; Distinguished Achievement in Research, Scholarship or Creative Activities
2004 Creating Movement Award presented by Campus Peace & Civil Liberties Coalition