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About GFA

Grip Fast Artworks serves as Christopher's professional fine art practice with several key "departments." Aside from the commercial aspects, GFA most importantly functions as a private atelier (a working studio) in the Fresno metropolitan area. It is the only institution within the central San Joaquin Valley offering humanist realist instruction in the classical tradition. We offer (but not limited to) the following products and services:

Academic Research & Writing:

We publish papers and post blogs online often, freely sharing insights and opinions on all aspects of art.


Hire us for special art projects for your home or business, e.g., drawings (including technical plans), paintings (portraits, landscapes, allegories) and sculpture (busts, figures, fauna).

Custom Canvases & Frames:

We only paint on the best artisanal [American] materials and offer our craftsmanship to other artists at a fair price. Hand-crafted one-at-time in the USA! For pricing, please visit the Canvases page .

Lecture Series:

Public speaking events, workshops and demonstrations where we share our discoveries and intrepretation of art history, current trends and all our other areas of expertise.

Methodologies & Technology:

Combined with our research efforts, GFA is continually searching for the best tools and methods in art-making to bring traditional artists into the 21st century and beyond. In partnership with our friends at Grip Fast Information Systems & Technology.

Mural Development:

GFA designs, facilitates and executes murals in local communities and in cities around the country in a broad range of genres. Some include wallscapes, over-sized wall paintings, "temporary" murals, religious frescoes and more. If you are interested in a mural for your home, business or special place such as a church or event center please contact us for a free consultation and project quote. We extend special rates to the Catholic Church and other non-profits.

Sculpture Works:

On special request we are available for sculptural projects. This includes works such as portrait busts, commemorations, statues and monuments in a broad range of materials, e.g., plaster, bronze, iron, etc.

Teaching (the atelier):

We teach fledgling artists because we love our craft and cherish the connection between mentor and student. We offer special one-on-one art instruction apart from our academic professorship because 1) private schooling offers curricular freedom, 2) is more targeted and succinct for the student(s) and 3) because great learning opportunities shouldn't be limited to New York or San Francisco.

Studious and serious-minded applicants may request instruction through this website. Although seating is extremely limited by design all interested parties are encouraged to apply (via our contact page). To learn more please visit our online atelier channel on YouTube.